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Smart Presentation Cards

It is a moment that more people know you, that customers always take you with them and that they recommend you much more; What are you waiting? Request your busswe card

Change and Survive

Change the cardboard cards that nobody keeps or saves and that nobody wants to receive for fear of the covid, use a smart card and a client will never forget you again…

With one click your clients will have your card on their main screen and in their phone book, in less than a minute your clients will be able to know who you are, what you do, your products, services, offers, recommendations, projects, and more, much more. , these cards have it all.

Choose and Claim your free gift

We start the year and we have many gifts for you, choose the one you want and claim it, buying one of our products




New Tools To Achieve Success..

Your face on your website or card

Everything that you also publish on your website or on your smart presentation card or indicate where you want to add it..

Total interaction of your content, your customers always aware and ready to buy.

We integrate the main payment gateways in the world to your website or card..

Sell and collect online

Today more than ever more and more people buy on the internet, if your business cannot sell or charge online, you are losing money, just that, fix it now..


You choose, with which gateway to work, the one that best suits your needs and interests, we incorporate it into your website, interactive menu or smart presentation card and if you don’t have a website, we will help you sell and collect online. You wait, it’s party time and Busswe gives you a gift.

Push Alerts

All the products

New Products or Services

When incorporating new products or services, it is important to communicate it to your clients, we do it..

Offers and Promotions

We make them known on your phone, computer or tablet, directly to them and if you want with a link to buy..

Smart Business


We create incredible business cards and smart websites for your business, you can sell and charge in your online store, you can promote them on social networks or boost sales with Facebook or Google Ads, we have all the tools and advice you need to achieve the goals. results you want, all in one place.


SSL Certificates

Give your clients security and peace of mind so that they know and buy you, we protect you and protect them..

The reasons for you to use an SSL certificate and get a security lock, range from data protection to SEO positioning

Carouselles to present products

In an interactive, modern and dynamic way, show your products, make your customers see your offers or promotions, without them having to touch anything

Total interaction of your content, your customers always aware and ready to buy.

Unmissable Offers

“They are highly recommended.”

“My information and the houses that I sell available with a single click.”

100% customizable

It is interactive, easy to use. It adapts to the needs of each client and company. …. Armando Rodriguez

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